Camp Biscay!

Broker owned – we are selling camp after 18 years of calling it our own.  We’ve rented it for about 17 years in the summers and enjoyed repeat tenants for many years.  We even had bookings set up for this year that we reluctantly decided to cancel.  We’ve done lot of work to this sweet cottage over the years, but there is still more to be done.  Little by little as the season allows, there is always a window to upgrade or wall to paint.  We know this, and the price is reflective of the work needed.  But there is absolutely nothing preventing you from using it and/or renting it as is!




Wonderful flat yard to the lake, and a big welcoming dock that is easy to access!


There is just enough lawn to spread out  for a large picnic with marshmallows around the campfire!



Great views of the lake from the front porch and yard – yet quite a bit of privacy from any boaters looking in!



Steps lead the way to a sandy bottom!



See the nice big FLAT yard!?!?  Such a rarity for any lakefront cottage!



There are also nice views from the inside!



Cozy quintessential Maine cottage, complete with a builtin daybed with privacy curtains.



Despite the small size of the cabin (did I mention easy to clean?), there is still a spacious living area.



This “wood” stove is actually propane and heats the cottage nicely on those chilly nights or off-season visits.



Yes, some of these pictures are older.  It still looks the same, except the kitchen floors were re-finished.



It’s an itty-bitty bathroom.  But with the shower stall, has everything you need!



The mater bedroom – this is a Queen sized bed for reference.



Great front porch with exceptional views!  Listen to the loons day and night…



The second bedroom fits a double bed with a bureau.