Hi, I’m Andrea and I’ve been in Real Estate for over 20 years now. I grew up on Pemaquid Point, now live in Round Pond (both in Bristol) and am a 3rd generation Realtor.  This means that I know about the neighborhood (and potentially the neighbors too).  I know the history of many of the houses going back decades.

I’m ethical, educated, and experienced.  I’ve been on the local Planning Board for 10ish years, have a degree in Engineering and a background in construction/building.  This means I know the local rules and what you can and cannot do with a property.  I know about septic systems, wells, and building construction.

Working with Buyers is what I especially enjoy doing. To help find, negotiate, and secure that property you’ve been looking for. The Real Estate industry recognizes the importance of Buyers having their own representation, so using a Buyers Broker is (almost always) FREE for you.

My focus is not on the quantity, but on the quality of my work.  That is why my business is nearly 100% word of mouth.

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